Strategy 2017-2020

The Way Ahead 2017-2020

Building on our current success and achievements and informed by the knowledge and expertise of a range of stakeholders, The Way Ahead 2017-2020 sets out our priorities for the next three years. It is a bold and ambitious vision encompassing men, their partners, family members, friends, health and social care professionals, researchers, service providers, educators, policy makers, other cancer charities, our staff, Trustees, volunteers and donors. Working together we will achieve so much, making real progress towards achieving our seven priorities and improving the outlook for current and future generations of men.

Priority 1: We will be the UK’s leading provider of specialist support, information and inspiration for people affected by, at risk of or interested, in male specific cancers.

Priority 2: We will ensure a better quality of life for people affected by male specific cancers by helping them to make informed choices and decisions about treatment, care and support. We will empower people affected by male specific cancers by providing accurate, high quality, comprehensive information delivered in the way they want.

Priority 3: Increase investment in research. Orchid will make a significant investment in research to improve our understanding of male specific cancers and to identify new ways to treat and manage these diseases.

Priority 4: Early diagnosis can improve survival. We will raise awareness of male specific cancers, the signs and symptoms, promote self-checks and encourage an early diagnosis.

Priority 5: To be the voice for people affected by male specific cancers and to reduce gender and race inequalities associated with rare cancers.

Priority 6: Improving care and outcomes. We will work in partnership with cancer charities, health and social care professionals, educators, policy makers and the Department of Health and NHS (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to improve care and deliver the best possible, integrated service for men and their families.

Priority 7: Transforming Orchid. We will have the internal structure, capabilities and resources to enable us to meet our objectives.




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