Go Nuts for Orchid’s new app… “Know your Balls- The Game”

If you love sports and gaming then we have the perfect App for you.  Download our new App, “Know Your Balls – The Game” and test your skills on the pitch and screen to score goals and see just how good you are with your balls!

Balls come in many shapes and sizes – Know Your Balls challenges you to swipe left and right to sort out the correct balls from the ‘wrong balls’. Ignore the falling rocks and pigeons that get in the way (although bonus points are up for grabs for stylish goals)

Each level has a target accuracy: get a percentage of correct balls to the goal and bad balls to the bin to beat the level.

So you think you know your sporting balls? But how well do you know your own balls? Know Your Balls isn’t just a fun game, it also has a serious message: get to know your balls and recognise if something isn’t right. This game could quite simply save your life. Between levels you’ll see a brief message about testicular cancer before you continue to the next level. Men of all ages but especially those aged 15 – 45 should take note of the information. Testicular cancer is rare compared to other cancers, but over 2,200 cases are diagnosed each year.

Look out for the App which launches on Wednesday 20th April. The app is currently available on iTunes, Android and Amazon operating systems.

App screen grab

Visit the Google Play Store by clicking the link below:




Play on your Kindle by downloading from Amazon on the link below:

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Download from the Apple iTunes store by clicking the link below:


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