Male Cancer Awareness Week 2019

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week

 2-8 September 2019

Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of male specific cancers. Bringing together men, their families and friends, health and social care professionals, schools and universities, workplaces, decision makers and the media, this important campaign is helping to change the lives of those affected by or at risk of prostate, testicular and penile cancer.


The eleventh annual Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week takes place from the 2-8 September 2019. The focus of this year’s campaign is prostate cancer.


About Prostate Cancer

Every year over 47,000 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is the most common cancer in men – an estimated one in eight men will develop the disease at some point in their lives. For black African and black Caribbean men the figure is higher, with prostate cancer affecting one in four. Prostate cancer is predicted to become the most common cancer in the UK by 2030. Despite improvements in survival rates, quality of care and increased awareness of the disease, 31 men lose their lives to the disease every day.


Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week

To mark the Week the following activities are taking place:


‘F.A.C.E. up to prostate cancercampaign

‘F.A.C.E. up to prostate cancer’ is a campaign to encourage men to think about and be aware of four key risk factors associated with the development of prostate cancer:


    • Family history – having a brother or father with prostate cancer may double a man’s risk compared to men with no family history of the disease
    • Age – the older a man gets the greater the risk, with prostate cancer most commonly affecting men over the age of 50
    • Change in urinary habits – changes in urinary habits are not always a sign of prostate cancer but they can be a symptom
    • Ethnicity – black African and black Caribbean men are at double the risk of developing prostate cancer than other men and may develop the disease earlier too, most commonly affecting men from this group over 45


The campaign encourages men who are affected by any of these risk factors to consider having a conversation with their GP about prostate cancer and urges anyone who experiences a change in urinary habits and thinks they are at risk to seek medical advice. ‘F.A.C.E. up to prostate cancer’ posters are available as part of the free Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week resource pack.



Orchid’s popular community Male Cancer Awareness Roadshows are visiting sites across the UK including:


        • Carlisle – 4 September
        • Scarborough – 5 September
        • Grimsby – 6 September


Male Cancer Awareness Week 2019 poster

A Male Cancer Awareness Week 2019 poster is available as part of the free Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week resource pack.


Broadgate Tower Abseil

The Orchid Broadgate Tower Abseil on Saturday, 7 September promises to be the thrill of a lifetime. At 33 storeys and 540ft high, Broadgate Tower is one of the tallest buildings in London and offers participants fantastic views across the city and an unforgettable experience. This is a great event for both teams and individuals alike offering the chance to take in the London skyline including The Gherkin, Heron Tower and the Barbican… before stepping off the edge. For further information or to book a place / team please contact


The Great North Run

The Great North Run is the largest half marathon in the world. On Sunday 8 September Orchid runners will join thousands of other participants to take in the spectacular, iconic locations between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields.


Support Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week

Across the UK people are busy raising awareness of the Week and male cancers. Running information sessions, putting up posters and leaflets, talking to the media about a personal experience of male cancer and fundraising are just some of the activities taking place.


A free Male Cancer Awareness Week resource pack is available. To order your copy please contact us 020 3745 7310 or email at


You can also donate to the Week by clicking here.


Orchid would like to take this opportunity to thank our many friends and supporters for their help and generous donations towards the Week.





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