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Get Dad Talking – 2018

Do something special this Father’s Day 17th June 2018. Take the time to talk to your dad and make sure he knows all the signs and symptoms of male specific cancer.

To mark Father’s Day this year Orchid ran a campaign called ‘Get Dad Talking’ to highlight the importance of taking the time to talk to your dad or loved one about their health and to raise awareness of prostate, testicular and penile cancer. We know it’s not always an easy conversation but just a few minutes could really help to save someone’s life.

Over 50,000 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate, testicular and penile cancer in the coming year and sadly these numbers continue to increase:

  • Over 52,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and sadly over 11,500 men a year will die from it.This equates to one man dying every hour.
  • Over 2,300 men every year are affected by testicular cancer. This means that every day, 6 men are diagnosed and nearly 50% of those are aged under 35.
  • A further 700 men are diagnosed with the much rarer penile cancer – a disease which receives little recognition and leaves men feeling isolated and alone.

Recognising the signs of these three cancers, speaking to your GP and getting an early diagnosis can make a real difference. The sooner you start treatment the better your chances and outcomes will be. For example there is a 98% cure rate for testicular cancer if caught early which is helping to take the fear out of this disease.

Behind each statistic there is a man; a father, grandfather or loved one, and behind each man there are family and friends who are affected by these uniquely male cancers which is why it is so important for us to be there for everyone affected.

 How you can get involved

Throughout June we want to get everyone talking about these three cancers. By getting involved you can help us raise awareness of the early signs and symptoms of these cancers and ensure that men and their families get the best possible care and support that they deserve. We will be sharing stories from our supporters and members of the Orchid team, sharing news relating to male specific cancer and letting you know about some fantastic promotions that are available on the high street that will benefit Orchid.

There are a number of ways you can get involved and show your support this June which are as follows:

Support us on social media

Get Talking –  We would love to get as many people talking about male cancer as possible so that we can raise much needed awareness. This Father’s Day we would encourage you to have a conversation with your dad or loved one to make sure they know all they need to know about male specific cancer.

Likewise if you are a parent and would like to talk to your child about cancer then we also have a number of new resources available that can help you talk to your children about cancer:

      • Fathers and Sons viral video– Which highlights the importance of talking to children about cancer. Introduced by Alexander Ludwig, star of the Hunger Games and Vikings, the video is a humorous take on a serious message. Watch the full video here.
      • Talking to your Children about Cancer– This booklet is for families affected by male cancers. Topics include why communication is important, what kind of information should be communicated to children, when and how should children be told and making sure children have the right facts.
      • On the high-street – This Father’s Day some of our fantastic corporate partners are supporting Orchid giving you another great way to
        donate to charity:

        • Paperchase – Have you got your Father’s Day card yet? If not then why not pick up one of these fantastic Father’s Day cards available now in Paperchase stores across the UK. Choose from six fun designs with the added bonus that each card carries a 25p donation to Orchid.
        • Las Iguanas – Popular restaurant chain Las Iguanas are donating £1 to Orchid for every dad that dines with them on Father’s Day, Sunday 17th June.
      • Fundraise and make a difference – Throughout June companies and individuals will be running awareness events and giving out our materials.  If you are holding a fundraising event or awareness activity this June then please get in touch.

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