Personal stories

It is only by talking about male cancer that other men and women will be made aware of and notice the signs and symptoms.  As with all cancers, early diagnosis can often lead to less complicated treatment and ultimately saves lives.

Some of our Orchid supporters have kindly agreed to share their personal experiences with us.  As you will see each of these guys has had a very different experience of male cancer.  We hope these inspirational stories will help others to understand their experiences and provide support for those in a similar situation.

Orchid understands that this is a sensitive topic to discuss so is extremely grateful to those who are willing to share their personal stories with us.

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    Peter Kilbey

    Age: 29 | Testicular cancer

    On 2nd October 2006 I went to my G.P because I had noticed a pea size lump on my left testicle after feeling a slight pain and discomfort there. My GP examined me and said that he could not feel anything abnormal … which was really what I was wanting to hear but to be […]