Fathers and Sons Campaign

Testicular cancer most commonly affects young men aged 15-45 with over 2,200 new cases each year in the UK.  Despite improvements in survival rates, quality of care and increased awareness of warning signs and symptoms, the impact of testicular cancer is far reaching and can have a devastating effect on men and their loved ones. The campaign launches with “Fathers and Sons”, a viral video highlighting the importance of talking to children about cancer. Look out for the Hollywood celebrity who “Talks about Balls”!


To accompany the video we are launching a new booklet “Talking to your children about cancer” for families affected by male cancers. Topics include why communication is important, what kind of information should be communicated to children, when and how should children be told and making sure children have the right facts. Download the booklet here. Talking to your children about cancer – for families affected by male cancers


The impetus behind the “Fathers and Sons” campaign was a study conducted by Clinical Lecturer and Researcher, Kathleen Sheridan Russell. Whilst at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Kathleen found that fathers with testicular cancer struggled with what, when and how to talk to their children about the disease. To address this need Orchid launched the “Fathers and Sons” campaign: a humorous video introduced by Alexander Ludwig, star of Vikings and Hunger Games, a leaflet “Talking to your children about cancer” and new information on the website which provides guidance and support on how to talk to children and answer their questions in an age appropriate manner.

Orchid would like to thank Alasdair Russell who overcame multiple challenges to reach the summit of Mera Peak to raise over £12,000 which ensured that this project went from an idea to a reality. Similarly, Orchid is grateful to Olga and Kenneth Sheridan whose very generous donation funded the filming of Alexander Ludwig whose appearance was a key ingredient in this project. Finally Orchid would like to thank Kathleen Sheridan Russell for bringing the seed of an idea and then dedicating her time and effort to bringing this project to fruition. The Russell and Sheridan family have been committed to this project in the loving memory of their cousin Jeff Gillis who changed their lives for good.

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