Why partner with us

We believe our cause will really resonate with your staff as behind each statistic is a man; a father, son, brother, grandfather or friend and behind each man there are family and friends who are affected by these uniquely male cancers.

A partnership with Orchid provides a great opportunity for your company to meet its charitable objectives. Every year we help thousands of men and their families affected by a male specific cancer, through our information and support services, education and awareness campaigns and research programmes.


At Orchid we believe our partnerships within the business community should be mutually beneficial, here are some of the benefits to a partnership with Orchid:

  • We are a young dynamic charity, your help has a significant impact and we are small enough to provide a direct, personalised service
  • Our work is easy to communicate and tangible.  We provide awareness talks and/or training seminars covering warning signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatments as well as emotional support needs
  • Whether you choose to support a cutting edge research project, the Orchid Tissue Bank, a leaflet or new Factsheet – every penny you raise goes directly towards helping the thousands of people every year affected by a male specific cancer
  • We have a wide range of events and fundraising activities to engage your staff and can design a partnership plan to suit you
  • You will receive support from the wider Orchid Fundraising Team to ensure you have everything you need throughout your partnership
  • We can offer you media support and positive exposure if relevant.

Get to know us – why not book a Health and Wellbeing event, so that we can provide you with a real insight into our work alongside communicating lifesaving messages.

Partnership options

  • Charity of the Year – Partnering with Orchid as your chosen Charity of the Year is a fantastic way to get your whole company involved in a cause and a great way to increase staff retention, loyalty and motivation.
  • Strategic partnerships – If you would like a more long term partnership with Orchid then we can design a partnership that works for you and will provide a long term impact for the charity.
  • Sponsorship – We have a variety of campaigns, annual surveys, events and publications that provide fantastic sponsorship opportunities.
  • Sales promotions (Cause Related Marketing) – A 5% donation from the sale of your product can raise much needed funds and help to raise vital awareness.
  • Payroll Giving – Is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis, to charities such as Orchid.
  • Gift in Kind – Instead of a monetary donation we also welcome donations of goods, facilities and services that provide an economic resource to the charity.

Pharmaceutical companies

Orchid has received support from a number of pharmaceutical companies with an interest in male cancer including:

  • Janssen
  • Bayer
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi

Read our policy statement on working with pharmaceutical companies.

To find out more about how your company can work with Orchid please get in touch with Allison Vickers on 020 3745 7310 or allison.vickers@orchid-cancer.org.uk

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