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Thank you for coming in to talk to us today about the importance of early detection. Importantly, all attendees have gone back to their teams, shared the leaflets provided at the session with their colleagues and talked about what they’ve learned today.  I would highly recommend this talk to any company.” Metro Bank​

Male cancer awareness in the workplace

A diagnosis of male cancer can have a major impact on every aspect of a person’s life, particularly their career.  Orchid Male Cancer Information Nurse Specialists regularly provide training, health information and male cancer awareness sessions to businesses across the UK. Men’s reluctance to talk about their health is an ongoing challenge.

We work in partnership with businesses to address the issues that surround male cancers and encourage more openness, so that embarrassment isn’t the reason that so many leave it too late to seek help.

What we can offer

Awareness Talks



“I sincerely would like to thank you for attending both site and office and giving two presentations. The workforce have really liked the presentations.”

“Indeed, there was very positive feedback and food for thought following your excellent presentation to both staff and beneficiaries.”

Orchid can provide a 45 minute interactive presentation covering:

  • Introduction to Orchid and male cancer in the UK
  • Signs and symptoms covering all 3 male specific cancer
  • Risk factors
  • Management and post treatment issues including emotional support and body image
  • Lifestyle and health tips
  • Resource packs which include publications, factsheets and display materials


Awareness Poster Campaigns

A great way to raise awareness of male cancer signs and symptoms in the workplace is to run one of our awareness poster campaigns.  We have a selection  of different posters that give an overview of all 3 male cancers.  The key messages on the posters highlight the obvious signs to look out for and what to do if you are concerned.  Posters can provide a great way to deliver information to men in an informal setting.


Health at Work options are designed to be engaging, supportive and thought-provoking alongside offering important health messages.

We spend 60% of our waking hours at work, so we’ve been working with companies to provide information on key signs and symptoms of male cancer. The more we work with businesses the greater number of people we can reach and ultimately help to save lives. Our programme is designed to benefit men and women’.​     Rob Cornes, Orchid Male Cancer Nurse Specialist


To find out more please get in touch with Allison Vickers on 020 3745 7310 or email


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