An Orchid collection not only helps us to raise essential life changing income, it also helps to raise vital awareness of male specific cancer. Pennies soon become pounds!

Collection boxes or pots at work or home

Image of an Orchid collection potThroughout the year many of our supporters place a collection box or pot in shops, at home, offices and other local businesses. Why not order yours today by contacting us now.

  • Please provide the organisation’s address or your home address.
  • If you would like to place a collection box in a local business, please ask an employee to get in touch!

Collecting in public

If you are planning to collect on behalf of Orchid at a public place such as a train station or shopping centre or even in the street please use our registration form to tell us about your collection in advance. We can kit you out with everything you need in advance and we can highlight any guidelines that need to be followed.

Please see our Fundraising Guidelines for further information.

Paying in your money

Once your box is full or you have finished your collection, sending in your cash is simple. You can make your donation either:

  • online
  • by sending us a cheque
  • paying directly into our bank

All the information you need to do this will be included in the Fundraising Guidelines.

How your money could help Orchid and our fight against male cancer

  • £10 could pay for 100 male cancer awareness leaflets, increasing awareness across schools, hospitals, GP surgeries etc.
  • £50 could pay for an anatomical model to help educate men on how to self-check for male cancer signs.
  • £100 could pay for one of our Orchid Male Cancer Information Nurse Specialists to deliver a life changing awareness talk and deliver information to schools, companies and local communities.


If you would like to talk to one of us here in the Orchid Fundraising Team, please call us on 020 3745 7317 or email us



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