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Whether you would like to use our education pack to raise awareness, hold your own fundraising, select us as your Charity of the Year or would like us to come along to host an assembly or our Community Golf Programme, we are here with the resources and advice you may need!

Fundraising Ideas 

Find out how your School or University can get involved with fundraising for Orchid!

Teaching Resources 

Check out our excellent teaching resources, including detailed lesson plan to help raise awareness of male cancer.

 Community Golf Programme 

Find out how we can help to raise awareness by bringing our sport programme to your school!


A member of the Orchid team or Orchid Ambassador can come along and give an awareness raising assembly including ways students can get involved to gain new skills and experiences. As testicular cancer is common in men as young as 15 this is a crucial time to introduce young men to the signs and symptoms of this rare cancer.

Become an Orchid Ambassador

If you are at University, why not become one of our Orchid Ambassadors and make some noise about male cancer on campus. You could organise a charity collection, awareness week or a fundraising event at your University. Follow the link to find out how to get involved.

Charity of the Year

We were proud to have been chosen by three University RAG Teams in 2016/17. Their fundraising throughout the year contributed to the work of Orchid and helped us to save more men’s’ lives. A big thank you to the following University RAG Teams

University of Greenwich RAG

University of Brunel RAG

Aberdeen University Students Association RAG

University Events

Are you a RAG Committee with limited funds? Are you interested in looking for a way to put on a large scale fundraiser without the financial risk to your university? Please email the Events Team (details below) and state your interest in putting on your very own Willy Waddle.

Orchid will then:

  • Manage the event admin, register participants and send welcome emails and regular newsletter style updates.
  • Manage the event logistics.
  • Whether you have 10 or 100 willies, we will provide the suits for all of your participants, at no cost to your university.

If you recruit more than 20 willies for your waddle, the Orchid Events Team could also attend the event on the day in order to ensure a smooth running of the event and make sure that no willy is left feeling unwelcome.

The event is a 2k run completed in a inflatable penis costume, to raise awareness and vital funds for penile cancer. For full event details of our Great Willy Waddle please click here


You can contact the Events team on 020 3745 7310 or email :

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