Donate in memory

A donation in memory of a loved one is a valuable and positive way of commemorating their life. By supporting Orchid in memory of a loved one we are able to continue providing a range of vital support services, education and awareness campaigns and fund pioneering research programs.

How to donate in memory of a loved one


  • Telephone the Orchid team on 0203 745 7310 from 09:00 to 17:30, Monday to Friday. They will be able to process your donation and answer any questions you may have.


  • Please follow this link, which will show you various ways to donate offline.


  • You can create an in memory page of a loved one online by using Justgiving. On the Justgiving page you can write a story and add photos. Anyone can add a donation on the site with a message. All donations will be automatically transferred to Orchid.To find out more please visit, JustGiving’s in memory web page. 



                                   Thank you for thinking of us during this time

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