Urinary problems

Urinary problems

Practical Issues

Surgery to the penis will cause swelling and possibly inflammation. This swelling may put pressure on the urethra or “water pipe” and cause men to experience problems passing urine such as urinary spraying. This will usually settle in time but if men are experiencing difficultiesand  it is bothersome to them, there are several types of disposable urinary funnel available (see picture below) from amazon.co.uk

Similar devices are available on prescription.


Male Funnel

A similar problem can occur following radiotherapy treatment due to minor tissue damage. Sometimes additional reconstructive surgery can be undertaken to improve these symptoms.

Any conditions that make a man need to pass urine more frequently may exacerbate mental anxiety caused by their treatment for penile cancer. If men were experiencing problems such as urinary frequency or trouble passing urine prior to their treatment for penile cancer then it may be worth discussing these symptoms with their specialist healthcare team.

It is also possible to purchase a special key (RADAR Key) which allows anyone with a medical condition which may cause the need to urinate more frequently from Disability Rights

A toilet card can also be obtained which may allow men access to otherwise private amenities such as toilets found in shops etc.Further information can be found here

MacMillan Cancer also produce a similar card which can be found here


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