Brian Turnbull

Testicular cancer

Brian TurnbullWhen and where did you first notice signs of your cancer? Was there something out of the ordinary that prompted you to check yourself/ see your GP?

One of my testicles was harder than normal, so went to my GP who didn’t seem alarmed by that and put me on a 4 week waiting list for a ultra sound scan.

Did you check yourself regularly or were you aware of the signs and symptoms of male cancer before you were diagnosed?

General everyday checks when bathing/showering. No I wasn’t aware personally of the signs before I was diagnosed.

How did you feel when you were first diagnosed? Did your feelings change during your treatment?

Obviously It was a shock to my family and myself but I have always been quite positive in life so with the love and support of my wife Claire, my children and Claire’s mum and dad and my parents, all the doctors and nurses and lots of praying, I believed I would get thru it and here I am.

Please give us a brief explanation of your treatment

The tumor was removed in the October but had spread, so I had to have 3 months of aggressive chemotherapy from December 2009 till March 2010 and was given the all clear in April 2010. Some side effects were sickness, anemic, hair loss and now I still have neuropathy in my feet and hands and also a DVT in my leg. Overall I am not too bad.

Was there a particularly difficult or distressing part of your treatment or your cancer journey?

Having to have 5 pints of blood but more it was what my wife went thru and the children. They were and are a tower of strength to me. Although my wife didn’t really have much support herself, she was and is amazing.

What is the most important thing your family and friends did to support you?

They were there for me always especially my wife Claire and her Mum and Dad helped loads with our 2 children. My family really kept me smiling and believed I would get better. Absolutely Amazing.

Do you believe the experience has changed you as a person?If so, in what way?

Yes definitely. I always loved helping others but now I have stronger desire for that and especially a passion for the care of the under 25s.

What would be your message to other men affected by male cancer? What would be your message to their partners?

Talk to other men in similar positions and stay positive. Message to their partners would be to be there for them and just love the person and support them as best you can.

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