Elliot Dash

Testicular cancer

I became ill one day and went to the doctor who sent me for some tests. Initially I was told I had pleurisy and was treated for this. After still not recovering I was sent for further x-rays when they confirmed it was cancer.I did check myself however was unable to detect the lump which turned out to be very small.

Shocked!! After denial and anger I realized the only way I was going to beat this was to try and be positive.I had 5 cycles of treatment which consisted of 3-5 days in the hospital followed by 1-2 weeks to recover at home although I ended up spending 90% of the time hospitalized due to infections. Subsequently I also had an operation to remove all old scar tissue.

It was pretty much difficult throughout especially as I became weaker and lost weight. The side effects were quite horrendous and at one time I spent nearly a month in hospital! This is my second chance in life. I certainly look at life differently now and realise what is important.

My treatment was over 10 years ago and I have had fantastic support throughout this time including the doctors and from Orchid.

Never give up and always believe anything is possible! Stay positive and strong and be a tower of support.

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