Penile cancer

Please explain your relationship and briefly explain when your partner / family member / friend was diagnosed with cancer?

My husband Steven this year.

How did you learn he was unwell? Did it come as a surprise?

Going to clinics, yes.

As women, we are very conscious of the importance of regular breast checks and some of the signs to look out for. Do you think you were sufficiently aware of the signs and symptoms of male cancer?


How did you both feel when you were facing a possible diagnosis of cancer?

Shell shocked.

When someone is undergoing a series of tests, a diagnosis, surgery or a grueling course of treatment it can be very difficult to know what to do, how to help or be supportive.  How did you manage?

I didn`t, it was very stressful.

Did you find it easy to talk to family members and friends about the experience? Did you find people supportive or did some people avoid discussing what was happening?

It was easy to start with but people gradually came round.

How do you think family members and friends can help?

By supporting and helping with everything that they can.

Is there any further support you personally would like to be offered from the NHS (at the time, now and in the future)?

To be able to identify a problem quicker rather than have to keep going to different clinics.

Do you think the experience has changed you individually and in your relationship to your partner / family member / friend?

Yes it has.

What advice would you give other women who are facing a similar experience / diagnosis of cancer?

Trust and believe in your partner on his journey.

What does the future hold?

Hopefully Steven is cancer free.

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Local GPs do not how to handle this type of cancer and the delays which occur only cause the cancer to grow.

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