Penile cancer

When and where did you first notice signs of your cancer? Was there something out of the ordinary that prompted you to see your GP?

I first noticed a white fleck on the glans of my penis when having a shower. Having suffered Crohns Disease I was told that it was likely to be side effects from the medication that I was taking.

Did you check yourself regularly or were you aware of the signs and symptoms of male cancer before you were diagnosed?

I was not aware of any of the signs and was only checked due to my Crohns disease.

How did you feel when you were first diagnosed? Did your feelings change during your treatment?

I could not believe it. I was suprised and shocked, something that has never really changed during my treatment.

Please give us a brief explanation of your treatment, any side effects that you experienced.

I had a partial penectomy, Three operations in all the last in April of this year.

Was there a particularly difficult or distressing part of your treatment or your cancer journey?

The actual operation has had a lasting psychological effect.

What is the most important thing your family and fiends did to support you?

Be there for me as I had to travel from Stoke to Sutton Colefield for treatment.

Do you believe the experience has changed you as a person?

It has changed me pscychologically and affected my self esteem.

If any, what medical or emotional support would you have liked to have been offered?

I was never offered any counselling.

What would be your message to other men or their partners?

If you find anything, get it followed up. There is no disgrace in it.

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