Penile cancer

I am very pleased Orchid is working to establish an information and support service for men and their families affected by penile cancer.

When my husband was diagnosed with penile cancer last year we had never heard of this rare cancer.  So few people do.

Like a lot of men my husband was very hesitant to go to the doctor.

I thought at the time while visiting our GP surgery, there were leaflets on prostate cancer and other cancers but nothing on penile cancer.  I feel if leaflets on penile cancer are provided in GP surgeries, pharmacy’s and clinics it might help men to seek advice for the signs and symptoms.

It was not until we went to St Georges Hospital in Tooting under the wonderful care and support from Mr Watkins and the team we were given all the information and help needed.

As a wife, I felt helpless at times.  I did not know anyone else who had penile cancer to talk to.  This is why I am supporting Orchid for all their tremendous work.  They have always been on the other end of the phone when I needed to talk.  I am so grateful.

Thank you