Penile cancer

When and where did you first notice signs of your cancer?  Was there something out of the ordinary that prompted you to check yourself/ see your GP?

I noticed a sore on my penis.

Did you check yourself regularly or were you aware of the signs and symptoms of male cancer before you were diagnosed?

I did not know about penile cancer but always checked myself.

How did you feel when you were first diagnosed?  Did your feelings change during your treatment?

When I heard the C-word I was dumbfounded and said to myself this can`t be happening to me. You could have knocked me doen with a feather.

Please give us a brief explanation of your treatment, any side effects you experienced and subsequent follow up procedure?

I had laser surgery and removal of the foreskin for stage 1 penile cancer then following nuclear scanning had removal of my lymph glands on the right side plus 32 other biopsies. Overall I had stage 2 penile cancer.

Was there a particularly difficult or distressing part of your treatment or your cancer journey?

Seeing my partner suffer with the stress of going to STI clinics with me prior to diagnosis. Having a large needle inserted into my penis for a biopsy and being treated on a prostate cancer ward which affected me mentally. Also access to hospital services and telling my friends and family of the situation.

What is the most important thing your family and friends did to support you?

Helping to support and comfort me.

Can you describe a particular Low/High point during your treatment?

Attending STI clinics where no one believes you.

Do you believe the experience has changed you as a person?  If so, in what way?

I want to make people aware of the disease and get men to talk about it.

If any, what medical or emotional support would you like to be offered in the future to support you after your treatment ends?

A nurse to support you at home and a need for some psychological support to help your mental state.

What would be your message to other men affected by male cancer? What would be your message to their partners?

Stand up and talk about it.

Please leave any other comments you would like to share with us

Let people know about this rare cancer and talk about it.

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