Orchid Research Grants

Orchid is not currently accepting new applications for research grants. Any future announcements will be made via this page.

With over two decades of experience, Orchid is the UK’s leading cancer charity dedicated to male-specific cancers. Orchid works to improve the lives of people affected by or with a personal interest in these cancers through a range of support services, education and awareness campaigns underpinned by a world-class research programme. Looking forward, there is still much work to be done. The charity is committed to working in an area where there are very real unmet needs and not enough research funding. Building on our current success, informed by the knowledge and expertise of a range of stakeholders and taking into consideration opportunities and the external environment, Orchid’s long-term research strategy is to offer the best possible care and support for men and their families. Orchid funds research to improve our understanding of male-specific cancers: testicular, prostate and penile. This includes identifying new ways to detect and stage disease, new treatments and novel strategies to improve survival.

These will be available to researchers based in the UK and Ireland to fund research into male-specific cancers. These grants are available either to medically qualified applicants, post-doctoral scientists or allied health professionals for clinical, laboratory and/or epidemiological research into male-specific cancers.

Applications may be for any sum of money and may include the costs of personnel, equipment and consumables where appropriate. We particularly welcome applications from those working in the underfunded field of penile cancer.


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