Rude Botany

Orchid is delighted that Rude Botany is supporting the charity by making a donation from sales of their T-shirts. Rude Botany T-shirts are adorned with real botanical names for plants, which are a little risqué. Not only are they educational and fun, they are also helping in the fight against male cancer! They are donating 10% from each sale of the following T-shirts:

  • Philadelphus erectus (modelled below by Michael Perry, founder of Rude Botany and a horticulturist, garden journalist and TV presenter)
  • Rubus cockburnianus
  • Phallus impudicus



Priced from just £19.99 each and available for men and women, the T-shirts come in a choice of beautiful colours including Flame Orange, Sun Yellow and Kelly Green. 









For more information on Rude Botany attire please visit

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