Slaters Menswear

Slaters Menswear supported Orchid throughout October 2014 with a unique campaign called ‘Dress up Fridays’. The campaign asked men across the land to dress smart, feel smart and act smart by wearing a suit to work on a Friday but also to be aware of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer by promoting the importance of testicular self-examination.

Testicular Cancer most commonly affects men between the ages of 15-45 and although rare, over 2200 men will be diagnosed every year. If caught early, testicular cancer is 98% curable and therefore it is really important for men to perform regular self-examination checks.


Slaters stores across England took part in the campaign which aimed to raise £3,000 for Orchid by encouraging customers to dress up in a suit on a Friday, take a suit selfie and post on social media whilst also encouraging donations to the charity. To complement the campaign fundraising also took place in stores, where staff really got behind the campaign to help raise vital awareness.

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