In April 2017, Snickers ran an April Fools Campaign with an advert shot by celebrated photographer Rankin. Off the back of the ad, Snickers supported Orchid – raising money and raising awareness of testicular cancer during Male Cancer Awareness Week.
In keeping with the Snickers brand and its tongue in cheek “nuts” ads, the campaign launched on April Fool’s Day with the announcement of a new range of underwear for men called “SKnickers”. The ads featured on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. Later that day they ran a ‘reveal’ by running a second ad announcing it was all a prank and if you fell for the April Fool it’s because ‘you’re easily fooled when you’re hungry’.
With the hashtag #LoveYourNuts people were encouraged to share the prank on social media to trigger a donation to Orchid and increase awareness of
testicular cancer. The campaign raised £10,000.

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