Like all cancers that are treated and potentially cured, there is always a risk of recurrence. Most testicular cancer tends to reoccur within two years of first treatment.

After initial treatment for testicular cancer, men will be monitored very closely for up to 5 years. During the first few years this will include regular blood tests to check tumour markers, CT scans and clinic appointments. Any reoccurrence of cancer will usually be identified very quickly and further treatment will be given.

If testicular cancer has reoccurred in the healthy testicle, this will mean a further orchidectomy or, very rarely, a partial orchidectomy.

If testicular cancer has moved into other areas of the body such as the lymph nodes, then chemotherapy will be needed to treat it.

The video below explains more about recurrent testicular cancer:

High Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Support

This is a higher dose of chemotherapy than usual called High Dose Chemotherapy and to help the body cope with treatment Stem Cell Support may be recommended. Stem cells are important cells in the body which play a role in the development of bones and organs and have the potential to repair, restore, replace, and regenerate cells.

Using this technique, stem cells are  collected from the body before chemotherapythen replaced after treatment. This protects immunity and can allow a better recovery.

This video with oncologist Dr Jonathan Shamash explains more about high dose chemotherapy with stem cell support:

You can find out more about chemotherapy and side-effects here in this interview with Dr. Kylea Potvin, Medical Oncologist at the London Regional Cancer Programme. She explains why chemotherapy is so important for non-localised testicular cancer.

Even if testicular cancer has reoccurred, there is every chance of cure with further treatment.

Clinical Trials

Men may be offered the chance to take part in a clinical trial which may use a new combination of chemotherapy.

For more information on Clinical Trials please click here.

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