Where’s the lucky nut? sweepstake

Pick which square is hiding the ‘lucky nut’ for your chance to win and at the same time help Orchid fight male cancer.

To download your copy click here. The sweepstake is great fun and very easy to run, please find instructions below:Poster


How to organise the ‘Where’s the lucky nut sweepstake’:

  1. Nominate an organiser for the sweepstake and give them the poster, they write their name in the space provided ‘Please give your voluntary donation to: …’
  2. The organiser then needs to select a square that will be ‘hiding the lucky nut’ and write this down and keep it somewhere secure. Please note: The organiser cannot take part in the sweepstake and must keep the winning square hidden until all the squares have been filled or by a chosen deadline (this may depend on how many staff you have).
  3. Once the organiser has chosen the winning square, they then need to get as many people to take part as possible, preferably 50. We suggest asking for a voluntary donation of £1 to take part. Please note: As this is voluntary you cannot force people to pay.
  4. If people want to participate then they need to write their name on the square of their choice and make their £1 voluntary donation.
  5. Once you have filled all your squares or your deadline has arrived you can reveal the winner. The winner receives half the money. The other half is donated to Orchid i.e. based on 50 people taking part with a voluntary £1 donation the winner will receive £25 and Orchid will receive a donation of £25.

For any more information or if you have any questions about the sweepstake then please feel free to get in touch with The Events Team on events@orchid-cancer.org.uk

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