Manversation is a national campaign supporting men in discussions about prostate cancer. The purpose is to encourage men to visit their GP with any concerns, leading to earlier diagnosis and better outcomes.

Manversation was developed by pharmaceutical company Bayer, in association with Orchid and Tackle Prostate Cancer as a national campaign supporting men with prostate cancer.

Launched in 2016, this national campaign supporting men in discussions about prostate cancer includes a dedicated website, video and information materials for men, their family members and healthcare professionals.


  • Encourages men to discuss their symptoms with GPs by breaking down reluctance to discuss concerns. Early diagnosis of prostate cancer is better as it enables more treatment choices and saves lives.
  • Explores the role of male support groups, especially the Shed-by-Shed initiative. Founded by an Australian experiencing prostate cancer, the initiative provides places for men to talk. Shed-by-Shed workshops give men a place to meet, gain satisfaction from practical projects and discuss male-related health in a safe environment.

Talking about prostate cancer needn’t feel uncomfortable. Manversation encourages good communication, a light tone and planning what you want to say.

Concerned you may have symptoms? Tell your family your worries or chat it over with a male friend. They can help you make an appointment and perhaps come with you to see your GP.

If you think you have prostate cancer symptoms or want to discuss risk factors, contact our supportive nurses on our helpline who can give you useful advice.

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