Charitable Trusts and Foundations

We are so grateful for the support of many Charitable Trusts and Foundations. Your grants make a huge difference to our work.

How We Use Grants

There are three main areas to our work, all of which are easier to achieve with annual or multi-year grants:

  • We can commit to vital research projects. You can read more about our research projects here.
  • We can plan awareness raising activities for penile, testicular and prostate cancer. Male cancers can be cured if they are identified early but everyone needs to know the signs.
  • We can fund our Helpline and information services for men with male cancers and their families. These cancers can be devastating and information and support are vital.

Your financial support could help us save lives. Please let us know what we can do to meet your grant-making criteria.

Our Projects

If you are a Trustee or have links to a Charitable Trust, we hope you can help. We have a range of projects which need funding, including:

  • Male Cancer Nurse Specialists who offer vital telephone, email and face-to-face support to men and their families.
  • Counselling for men who are dealing with testicular or penile cancer or trying to rebuild their lives after treatment.
  • Education and Awareness programme that reaches out across the UK into local communities, schools and workplaces. This raises awareness of the signs and symptoms of male cancers and encourages early diagnosis.
  • Pioneering research into the causes, prevention and treatment of male cancers, carried out by world class scientists.
  • Specialist leaflets, digital resources and videos to help people learn about male cancers, including the risk factors, signs and symptoms and practical ways to live after cancer.
  • Opportunities to support Black African and Black Caribbean men most at risk of prostate cancer
  • Orchid’s annual Male Cancer Awareness Week, a valuable opportunity to improve symptom awareness and highlight our work.

Please Help

Each year, more men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate, testicular or penile cancer. Every grant we receive empowers us to invest in raising awareness of symptoms, our research and supporting men with male cancer.

If you already help Orchid, thank you! Each and every grant makes a tangible difference.

What We Can Offer Your Trust or Foundation

  • Tailored projects which meet your areas of interest.
  • Opportunities to fund one-off or multi-year projects.
  • The chance to meet our Male Cancer Information Nurse Specialists to learn about their work and to hear about the difference it makes.
  • Regular updates to meet your reporting requirements, showing the impact of your support.

If you would like to support us, please contact Margaid Gosschalk, Trusts and Statutory Manager for more information.


Telephone: 0203 745 7310

Write: Margaid Gosschalk, Trusts and Statutory Manager, Orchid, 60 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8AQ