Male Cancer Awareness Roadshows

Our Roadshows have been taking place in local targeted communities since 2010, from Aberdeen to Plymouth, Barrow-in-Furness to Hastings and Cardiff to Hull. They are held in the heart of communities, in venues such as shopping centres and markets. Through our Roadshows alone, we reach thousands of people each year.

Delivered by our Community Engagement Team, our male cancer awareness roadshows are informative and engaging. Our presence in local communities makes a big difference to our reach and the impact of our talks. We also hold some events specifically for Black African and Black Caribbean men and their families.

Our male cancer nurses are on hand to answer questions from men and also from women, who as supportive family members can often play an important role in male health.

Interactive demonstration models show young men how to check for signs of testicular cancer. We raise awareness of penile cancer signs and symptoms. We explain the different stages of prostate cancer to older men and what a health professional looks for during a prostate examination.

We provide plenty of information leaflets at our Roadshows. Some of our most popular resources are our discreet credit card sized guides to testicular, prostate and penile cancer.

Contact us to find out about our roadshows or visit our online resources and YouTube channel.