Prostate Cancer Reports

Here you can find historic reports that we commissioned into prostate cancer, covering funding, investment and research needs.

The Forgotten 10,000: Getting it Right for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer claims over 11,500 lives a year in Britain. Orchid was one of three prostate cancer charities to have released an historic report, The Forgotten 10,000, calling for more funding and better coordinated care.

The report was written by a panel of experts from major London hospitals, Orchid and the Prostate Cancer Support Organisation and the Prostate Cancer Research Centre. Its recommendations included:

  • Government action
  • Clear and impartial information
  • The use of a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) at different stages of the disease
  • Access to a named keyworker, ideally a clinical nurse specialist (CNS)
  • Improvements to Primary and Secondary Care Pathways
  • Access to treatment for advanced prostate cancer patients
  • Access to palliative care close to home
  • Awareness of prostate health
  • Equality of access UK-wide

You can read the report by clicking the button below.

Download Forgotten 10000

More to Do: Identifying and Tackling the Unmet Need in Prostate Cancer Care

New treatments, new investments, research into new tests and technologies offer hope to prostate cancer patients. This historic report explained that there were still significant areas of unmet need which must be addressed.

The report came up with 15 recommendations that covered:

  • The way that care is delivered
  • Access to treatment
  • Access to research and clinical trials

You can read the report by clicking the button below.

Download More To Do Prostate Cancer Report