New Treatments

There are many new treatments for advanced prostate cancer in development. This page explains some of the key developments in prostate cancer research, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Targeted Therapy

These are drugs that can target specific parts or areas of prostate cancer cells and kill them. 

Targeted therapy drugs can perform a number of functions, such as:

  • Making cancer cells more receptive to the immune system.
  • Preventing, blocking or interrupting cell growth.
  • Cutting off blood flow to the tumour.
  • Targeting defects in the cancer cells.
  • Carrying other drugs to the tumour.
  • Causing cancer cell death (apoptosis).


Immunotherapy uses your own immune system to fight cancer. Substances made by the body or made in a laboratory are used to boost, direct, or restore the body’s natural defences against cancer. 

A good source for all the latest research and information on clinical trials can be found on the New Prostate Cancer Infolink 

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