Collect for Orchid

Many of our supporters place a collection box in their shops, homes and offices.

Please provide the address of the place where the box will be kept. If you’d like to place a box within a shop or business, please ask the company to get in touch.

Collect for Orchid

Collecting in Public

If you are planning to collect for Orchid in a public place, please let us know. We can kit you out with everything you need and tell you about guidelines you need to follow.

Tell us about your collection

Sending Us Your Money

Once your box is full or you have finished collecting for Orchid, you can send us the money either online or offline.

Online Payment

Offline Payment

You can send money to us in lots of ways – please do not send cash!

To start collecting for Orchid, please contact us:

Tel: 0207 745 7310