Personal Stories

It is only by sharing personal stories and talking about male cancer that we can all become aware of the signs and symptoms. As with all cancers, early diagnosis can often lead to less complex treatment and save lives.

Some of our supporters have kindly agreed to share their personal experiences with us. As you will see, each of these men has had a very different experience of male cancer. We hope that their stories will help others to understand their experience and provide support for those in a similar situation.

We understand that this is a sensitive topic so we are very grateful to those who are willing to share their stories.

If you would like to tell us your story, please e-mail

Matthew Thursfield

Posted: Thu 24th Nov 2022

I had a fairly physical lifestyle both at home and at work as a drama school production manager. You could…

Patrick Meehan

Posted: Wed 23rd Nov 2022

Patrick was 32, fit, healthy and really enjoying his social and working life – he had no reason to think…

Malcom Wilson

Posted: Wed 23rd Nov 2022

Malcolm has led – and continues to lead – a very full life and as he references it, to be…

John Pinnick

Posted: Wed 23rd Nov 2022

John was 68 and enjoying his retirement from work a tooling engineer for leading companies. Before being diagnosed, he was…

Andrew Ferby

Posted: Wed 23rd Nov 2022

Sport and fitness are a fundamental part of Andrew’s life and, as a former professional rugby union player, he continues…