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PSHE Association Accredited Resource: What is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer affects young men so information for schools is crucial.

We are pleased to offer a package of materials for delivery as a PSHE lesson for KS4-5.

‘What is Testicular Cancer’, will increase young people’s understanding of this disease and will give them the confidence to seek help. The lesson covers risk factors, signs and symptoms, and highlights the importance of self-examination.

The pack includes a teacher’s lesson plan, activities and a summary video and can be downloaded here.

“We are delighted to award our Quality Mark to Orchid’s ‘What is testicular cancer?’ resource. The engaging activities provide the opportunity for students to explore the facts about testicular cancer and other conditions and gain a clear understanding of how to perform self-examination and seek help and support when appropriate, overcoming potential barriers to doing so. This resource will support teachers to deliver this important aspect of the PSHE curriculum and help them to meet the statutory Health Education requirement that students know the benefits of regular self-examination and screening,” Liz Laming, PSHE Association Subject Specialist.

We also have plenty of downloadable resources to help spread the awareness message. You can view and download all our resources here.

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