Penile Cancer Research

Penile cancer is very rare and is only researched in a few centres worldwide. This page summarises our scientific research into Penile Cancer.

Currently Professor Berney, who heads the research, has identified three main targets of penile cancer research:

  1. To better understand how the disease arises and how men might be better protected by an HPV vaccination.
  2. A more detailed knowledge of how molecules which are altered in cases of penile cancer could be targeted for drugs. At present there are no ideal chemotherapy options for men with advanced penile cancer.
  3. Separate examination of rarer cases of penile cancer to understand if different treatments might work better. This is made possible by a large sample collection such as the Robert Lane Tissue Bank.

You can read more about Professor Berney here and follow him on his Twitter account.

The Robert Lane Tissue Bank

Samples have been collected from international penile chemotherapy studies and St George’s Hospital for future use.

We are very grateful to the courageous men who have donated their tissue and blood samples at such a difficult time in their lives. All samples are treated with reverence during the research process. Thank you.