Our former Vice President’s Statement

The late Sir Michael Parkinson CBE

In 1997 I received a letter regarding The Orchid Cancer Appeal asking me to put my name to the charity. After reading all of the information, I decided to meet with Professor Tim Oliver and Colin Osborne to discuss The Orchid Cancer Appeal with them more fully before making a decision regarding giving my support.

Well, what a team they are! I was won over immediately by their exuberance and vitality and found that after ten minutes, not only was I was agreeing to be Vice President of The Orchid Cancer Appeal but I was also paying for our meal!

Seriously though, I have great respect for everyone connected with the Appeal and congratulate them on the tremendous amount of work they have put in over the last few years in fulfilling Phase One of the Appeal. There is no doubt that this charity is needed. It is with considerable alarm that one reads about the increase in male cancer, and I entirely agree that this is not publicised widely enough.

On behalf of The Orchid Cancer Appeal I entreat both the business community and the public to help us to continue our fight against cancer.

Sir Michael Parkinson CBE
Vice President The Orchid Cancer Appeal