About “Manversation: the campaign for prostate cancer conversations

Manversation: the campaign for prostate cancer conversations” is a national campaign to equip and motivate men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, to have important conversations about advanced prostate cancer symptoms, if and when they appear. Launched in 2016 the campaign includes a dedicated website, video and information materials for healthcare professionals, family members and men with advanced prostate cancer. ‘A woman’s guide to prostate cancer’ offers women whose partners are facing a diagnosis much needed, dedicated support to manage what can be a traumatic, life-changing situation, to maintain as much normality, mental well-being and life enjoyment as possible. A survey of over 3,000 people was commissioned as part of the campaign. Highlights from the survey included:

  •  When asked whether they had ever discussed a symptom that was worrying them with a doctor, 82% of men aged 40 or over agreed they had.
  •  A quarter of men aged 40 or over (28%) disclosed that they regularly visited their doctor, as they revealed they consulted their doctor about a worrying symptom at least every 6 months.

The Manversation campaign was developed in consultation with Orchid and Tackle Prostate Cancer, and has been organised and funded by Bayer.

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