Will you support our vital lifeline?

Covid-19 has had a seismic effect on all of us. Many support services have stopped and some are only available in a limited way and yet the number of those being diagnosed with prostate, testicular or penile cancer continues to increase.

Additionally, Doctors are not able to see as many patients, while many men do not visit their GP, due to fear of Covid-19 and may not be comfortable talking to them online.

As a result, our work has become more of a lifeline than ever before. As an example since March, our Freephone National Male Cancer Helpline  has experienced a significant increase in both the duration and complexity of the calls, many of which are now lasting two or three times longer compared to the first three months of the year.

The pandemic has also thrown families into impossibly difficult situations. Some need advice and emotional support too and our information materials have become invaluable.

During difficult times, our team work alongside the whole family – we are there to support them with information and emotional support, Will you help us to ensure that we can be there for the next family who needs us? We have never needed your support more.

Thank you for choosing to support Orchid and importantly all those affected during these difficult times. As a small charity, relying on voluntary donations, your kind support will have a real impact on the work we are able to do.


How your support will make a difference

£10 could cover the cost of a call with one of our male cancer specialist nurses

£20 could cover the cost of producing vital information leaflets

£50 could cover the cost of the production of one of our booklets (100 copies)

Thank you

Ali Orhan

Interim CEO

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