International Penile Cancer Awareness Day

September 20th

In 2020 Orchid suggested that an International Penile Cancer Awareness Day should be recognised as 20th September. The first day was celebrated with an online conference for healthcare professionals, patients, advocates and survivors offering a unique opportunity for all to come together to share their insight, experience and provide peer support.

Each year Orchid will strive to promote International Penile Cancer Awareness Day by engaging with health care professionals, medical organisations, survivors of the disease and advocates through social and other media.

If you would like to learn more or want to help promote this day please contact

You can show your support by ordering a penile cancer badge here.

The pins’ design is blue and maroon and was designed by a penile cancer survivor called John Grasso, a member of the online penile cancer support forum. Orchid is proud to have supported its creation.