Workforce Health and Wellbeing

We would be delighted to provide a workforce health and wellbeing talk for your organisation.

Why Male Cancer Awareness Matters

Each year in the UK, over 50,000 men are diagnosed with prostate, testicular or penile cancer and the numbers are rising. Men’s reluctance to talk about their health is an ongoing challenge.

The workplace is a key location where mean can learn about the risks, signs and symptoms of male cancer and discuss their concerns. The more men and their families know about male cancer, the more likely that men will seek early diagnosis.

Health and wellbeing have never been higher on the business agenda. The physical and mental wellbeing of staff has one of the largest impacts on the costs of a business – making it a critical concern for any organisation.

Employers today must support a diverse workforce of employees, many of whom are working until later in life. With this comes an increasing risk of ill health. Developing a positive attitude to health and wellbeing is crucial for both employees and the bottom line.

Men who self-check for cancer symptoms are more likely to present early, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced time off work.

It is also widely recognised that workers appreciate employers who take their health seriously. This impacts positively on workplace morale, motivation – and productivity.

What We Can Offer

We can work alongside your existing health initiatives or create bespoke programmes to suit your needs:

  • We offer presentations covering symptoms, self-examination and what to do if you have concerns. All talks are given by our Orchid Male Cancer Information Nurses and are followed by an informal Q&A session.
  • Employees who have concerns will be signposted to our National Male Cancer Helpline or to the most appropriate healthcare professional to meet their needs. We will discuss any employee health concerns in the strictest confidence and this information will not be shared with your organisation.
  • We provide access to our portfolio of high-quality publications, posters and resources.
  • Our materials are written in clear language, use visuals, and even humour to address difficult issues. They deliver important male cancer messages in a sensitive but impactful way.