Ignor-It Video

Penile Cancer is rare. Each year approximately 36,000 men will be diagnosed globally. Many people will be unaware that it exists, and this lack of awareness combined with the embarrassment of symptoms, can delay men seeking medical advice. Some research has suggested that this delay may be as long as 12-months. The longer the delay in diagnosis the more extensive and life-changing treatment can be.

Raising awareness of penile cancer is difficult, it is not a subject that is discussed openly. Orchid strongly supports patient advocacy, and individual initiatives which may raise the profile of penile cancer.

In 2018 Richard Stamp was diagnosed with penile cancer. He had not been aware of its existence and the symptoms he had been experiencing were not identified as being cancerous. Following his diagnosis and treatment he has spoken openly about both the physical and psychological effects he has suffered.

Working with a group of performers and producers he helped produce a video called Ignore It, a quirky, unconventional approach to raising awareness of penile cancer.

The video has been updated for a European audience and its release has been funded by ERN eUROGEN in association with the European Association of Urology.

It may be unconventional, but to increase awareness of penile cancer, we need to take a different approach.