Penile Cancer-The Way Forward

Penile cancer affects around 700 men in the UK each year, although this figure is likely to be an underestimation. It has been increasing steadily over the last 30 years. Globally the estimated annual incidence is 36,000 men. This figure is tiny in comparison to the 52,000 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK each year and the 1.4 million men globally.

As a result many people do not realise that penile cancer exists and awareness of the disease is low even among healthcare professionals. Yet out of all the male specific cancers it has the biggest impact both physically and psychologically, as all curative treatment will involve some form of surgery to the penis.

The rarity of the disease and the specialist treatment needed means that there are a number of unmet needs. Although treatment within specialist centres is excellent, follow up support and care is often inconsistent and does not necessarily offer essential interventions such as peer support or psychological counselling.

The aim of The Way Forward is to promote not only better understanding and knowledge of the disease to the general public, but also to utilise the skills and experience of Health Care Professionals (HCPs), survivors and advocates to try and fill some of the present disparities in long-term support and survivorship.


  • To improve and increase the awareness of penile cancer globally, through online, face to face teaching, awareness events, campaigns and multi-media,
  • To reduce the stigma associated with the disease,
  • To improve the diagnostic pathway,
  • To increase the UK and global support available for men who have been affected by penile cancer,
  • To unite Health Care Professionals, survivors and clinicians in a common cause

Along with several men affected by penile cancer and healthcare professionals working in the field of penile cancer, Orchid are currently facilitating two monthly, virtual, global meetings.If you would like to join or find out more please email

The group is also working with eUROGEN to increase support and enhance current guidelines throughout Europe as well similar orginisations across the world. We are also working woth the worlds largest online support group

In 2021 the above working group nominated 20 th September as an international awareness day for penile cancer.




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