Advocacy and Support Meetings

Over the last decade Orchid has facilitated various regional UK penile cancer support meetings and workshops which have brought those affected by penile cancer together with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) working in the field of penile cancer to share experience and learn from each other. We hope to organise similar meetings over the next few years.

To link up and support as many people as possible on a more global scale, Orchid has been facilitating regular virtual online support meetings where those affected by penile cancer can talk to their peers and share their experience. These sessions are also attended by urologists, Clinical Nurse Specialists and other allied HCPs. They are a good opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the condition and hopefully feel less isolated. They are closed online sessions and details are only shared amongst support groups, Orchid contacts and allied HCPs. Meetings tend to last from 1-2 hours and have certain House Rules (below).


-No sessions are recorded

-No contact information is stored on any charity database unless specifically requested

-Participants do not need to show their identity online and are not expected to actively participate in discussions

-HCPs who attend the sessions are always happy to provide general, relevant information about a condition but cannot comment on an individuals medical treatment.

If you would like to be informed when these meetings are taking place please email