Non Localised Prostate Cancer

Non-localised prostate cancer is where prostate cancer has spread to other areas of the body such as lymph nodes and bones. It is also known as metastatic disease. Although metastatic prostate cancer cannot be cured it is usually possible to control symptoms and slow its progression, often for some years. 

Today, there are several different options for treating non-localised prostate cancer, also known as metastic cancer. Treatment will depend on a number of factors and it will be up to the expert medical team to recommend the best approach.  

Hormonal therapy tends to be the first line treatment for metastatic prostate cancer. This will usually reduce symptoms and cancer in the areas that are affected. However, after some time, it may no longer control the cancer and its symptoms. If cancer starts to progress men will need another type of treatment. 

Men may also be invited to take part in a clinical trial. Clinical trials could make a difference to the way prostate cancer is treated.


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