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A diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening experience meaning you could feel quite isolated as you may not know anyone else who is having to face the same challenges and mix of emotions.

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  • “Penis Table” Hopes To Raise Money For Male Cancer

    Handmade furniture and table makers, Grain and Frame, weren’t sure to laugh or cry when all their hard work creating a bespoke dining table was rejected by a customer on the basis of a very unfortunate, but natural, knot. Sam and Rhys, the company’s directors, didn’t notice the uncanny resemblance the knot had to a […]

  • Virtual Conference on Penile Cancer

    Orchid are proud to be working with several men affected by penile cancer, The Global Society of Rare Genitourinary Tumours, and Australian charity Check Your Tackle to create a virtual zoom conference on penile cancer. This will aim to provide insight and practical help for men with the disease and the Health Care Professionals who […]

  • Orchid Male Cancer Checklist

    It is often difficult to talk about your concerns regarding male cancer. Orchid have therefore created a checklist to help men start the conversation with their GP. To download a copy please click here

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