Four Nations Penile Cancer Programme

This is a two-year, nurse led initiative to raise the profile of penile cancer in the UK and improve support for anyone who has been affected by the disease.

Orchid will engage at a local level with GPs, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied healthcare professionals to raise awareness of penile cancer, providing them with information for distribution and display:

  • Four regional specific posters including relevant data for each UK country.
  • An information resource outlining the risk factors and incidence of penile cancer.
  • An information leaflet about the Programme and its aims, including details of the Orchid National Male Cancer Helpline and Telephone Counselling Service for men with penile or testicular cancer.

Orchid has created an online guide Information for Allied Healthcare Professionals-Penile Cancer, a reference guide for HCPs and non-HCPs, working outside the specialist setting. This will identify strategies and advice which may be useful while also providing an insight and understanding of the patient journey including the physical and psychological implications of treatment.

Orchid will work with current UK regional treatment centres (supranetworks), to improve current support services and ensure signposting to Orchid services is available. Orchid information resources will be updated. Information on the Orchid website will be centralised to create a one-stop information hub, which where possible, will include patient testimony and insight into coping with different aspects of the disease. Anyone affected by penile cancer will be able to submit their own experience and coping strategies anonymously, to help others.

Orchid will work with community health services, supranetworks and allied healthcare professionals to encourage sustainable physical and virtual peer support wherever possible.

Timeline 2023

An inaugural focus group was held in October 2023 at the Maggie’s Centre Manchester to outline and strengthen the project aims. This was attended by Orchid Male Cancer Information Nurse Specialists Rob Cornes and Sinead Collins, Consultant Urologist Mr Arie Parnham, Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Booker, Lisa Darbyshire, Maggie’s Facilitator, and six independent patient advocates.

December 2023

Completion of four bespoke information posters for each of the four UK nations, a leaflet detailing the project for allied healthcare professionals and Integrated Care Boards as well as an online guide.

Further details to follow. If you would like to be involved in this project or would like further information please contact:

Sinead Collins at

Robert Cornes at

Orchid National Male Cancer Helpline on 0808 802 0010

Reviewed November 2023