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A lifesaving resource from the Orchid, the UK’s leading male cancer charity.

The Your Privates Schools Pack is a downloadable resource accredited by the PSHE Association designed to raise awareness of testicular cancer with secondary school pupils. The downloadable resource is currently out of stock.

Testicular cancer most commonly affects men aged between 15-45 years with over 2400 men being diagnosed each year. If found at an early stage a cure rate of 98% is usually possible and even when testicular cancer has spread to other areas of the body a cure can still be achieved.

The Your Privates Schools Pack and microsite was designed to be used by any school professional, not just teachers. We have already received excellent feedback from school nurses, teaching assistants and volunteers conducting assembly talks who have found the pack useful and informative.

Your privates Click now

Ideal for assembly and class presentations

Know Your Balls…Check’em Out

This video is great for schools, colleges and workplaces. Telling you all you need to know about the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

Although we no longer stock this item it can still be downloaded below.

We also have a host of downloadable resources to help spread the awareness message.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements by e-mailing or calling 0203 745 7310.

Orchid have also worked with the breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! to create a set of posters raising awareness of breast and testicular cancer for schools. Schools can order these from the following link


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