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A New PSHE Approved School Lesson Plan
– a package of materials designed to be delivered during PSHE awareness lessons for KS4-5

‘What is testicular cancer?’

The aim is to increase young people’s understanding of testicular cancer and their confidence in seeking help and support if needed — by outlining possible risk factors, signs and symptoms, and highlighting the importance of self-examination.

It includes a teachers lesson plan, activities and a summary video and can be downloaded here

PSHE Association Subject Specialist Liz Laming says:
We are delighted to award our Quality Mark to Orchid’s ‘What is testicular cancer?’ resource. The engaging activities provide the opportunity for students to explore the facts about testicular cancer and other conditions, and gain a clear understanding of how to perform self-examination and seek help and support when appropriate, overcoming potential barriers to doing so. This resource will support teachers to deliver this important aspect of the PSHE curriculum, and help them to meet the statutory Health Education requirement that students know the benefits of regular self-examination and screening.


Know Your Balls…Check’em Out

This video was a ground-breaking video resource created by Orchid to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Originally shown in schools it proved very popular. Although we no longer stock this item it can still be downloaded below.

We also have a host of downloadable resources to help spread the awareness message.
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Reviewed 08/01/2021.



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