Information for Allied Healthcare Professionals

Penile cancer is a rare cancer with 700 men being diagnosed each year in the UK, 6000 in Europe and around 36,000 men globally.

Due to its rarity many healthcare professionals will never have encountered the condition and will not be able to offer advice to men on how to help them deal with some of the physical and psychological effects of treatment.

This guide is designed to give a brief overview of the patient journey and help provide an insight into some of the short and long-term needs men may need to help them manage the impact of the disease.

A downloadable PDF version of the guide can be found here

It is an initiative created for Orchid’s Four Nations Penile Cancer Programme, a project aimed at raising the profile of penile cancer within the four countries of the UK and developing new initiatives to help support men and their partners.

The guide has been compiled with the help of men who have been affected by penile cancer and clinicians involved in their care. The aim of the guide is to give allied healthcare professionals such as GPs, community nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals a reference guide which may help them to support patients outside of the clinical setting.

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