#FACEuptoProstateCancer campaign

“In response to figures that one in three men in the UK know nothing about prostate cancer, we have launched the #FACEuptoProstateCancer campaign to coincide with our annual Male Cancer Awareness week. FACE is a simple guide developed to help men learn about their own risk and consider the four key factors; family history, age, change in urinary habits and ethnicity.

If you find yourself at a heightened risk, you should consider speaking to your GP about prostate cancer. For more information on prostate cancer please click here: https://orchid-cancer.org.uk/prostate-cancer/  and if you are worried at all about prostate cancer, either yourself or someone you know, Orchid offer a free confidential helpline where you can speak to one of our Male Cancer Information Nurses on 0808 802 0010. “

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