Orchid CEO Rebecca Porta comments on new prostate cancer mortality statistics

Today’s statistics showing that prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer mortality are a stark warning that we urgently need to make a lot more progress in prostate cancer diagnosis, care and treatment.

There are fewer clinical nurse specialists working in prostate cancer than breast cancer, prostate cancer is often diagnosed at later stages than breast cancer and there is often poor awareness and recognition of the disease.

If we are to save more lives, we must invest in more research and ensure that policy makers provide adequate resources to help men detect the disease earlier and make informed decisions about their treatment.

While 1 in 8 men in the UK will develop prostate cancer, it is important to remember that Black African Caribbean men are at a heightened risk, with 1 in 4 developing the disease. Prostate cancer commonly affects men over the age of 50, but this can be earlier for men who are Black African Caribbean.

If you are worried at all about prostate cancer, either yourself or someone you know, Orchid offer a free confidential helpline where you can speak to one of our Male Cancer Information Nurses on 0808 802 0010.

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