Dare A Dad 2021

Dare A Dad



Dare your dad – or anyone else’s – to undertake a challenge. Make it silly, make it funny – whatever you like (as long as you remember to keep it safe!)

Here’s a few ideas to get you started or just to inspire you:

  • Dare your Dad to join you in a TIKTOK video
  • Upside down/backwards day e.g. wear your shorts and t-shirt backwards or inside out
  • Take an embarrassing/funny selfie and post it as your profile picture
  • Paint your nails
  • Shave your beard off
  • 50 star jumps on the trampoline
  • Wear odd shoes to the park/shops
  • Do a handstand against a wall and stay there for 5 minutes
  • Wash the car wearing mum’s dress
  • Eat a tin of baked beans using chop sticks




Will he dare to do it? If not, he pays the price – a £10 donation to Orchid, the UK’s leading male cancer charity.

He can make a donation here 



He turns out to be a dad who dares – he completes the challenge. Uh oh! You pay the £10 instead!

You can make your donation here 

Don’t forget to tag Orchid and #DareADadforOrchid and share your dare









Whatever you choose as your dare, please remember to make it safe, use good judgment and follow Government guidelines regarding Covid-19. By taking part in this challenge you do so at your own risk.