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    the Awareness Week with over 335,000,000 OTS (opportunities to see) including 16 national media mentions. Highlights include features in The Independent, The Sunday People, The Mirror, Huffington Post, The Weekly…

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    Page and allows better and more relevant ads to be displayed to you. To learn more about, and control 3rd party remarketing, visit Media Math This cookie collects behavioural…

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    …meant that some of the cancer cells had survived the standard chemotherapy treatment. Over the next three months the doctors tried to identify these cells with every known test- including…

  • Penile Cancer


    Cancer of the penis is very rare in the western world; there are around 630 cases in the UK each year. It is most often diagnosed in men over the

  • Meet the team


    the UK. Evelyn Henderson – Male Cancer Information Manager Evelyn Henderson has worked in the NHS for over 40 years. She worked in the cancer unit in Edinburgh for 12…

  • Diagnosis and Investigations


    …of the penis and then a radioactive dye injected. X-rays will be taken of the area to visualise the lymph nodes in the groin. Once the lymph node nearest to…

  • Adjusting


    them physically. For more information on testosterone levels and replacement therapy please click here.   The surgery was on the 19th of August and it’s now the 21st. The first…

  • Male Cancer Awareness Week 2019


    …father with prostate cancer may double a man’s risk compared to men with no family history of the disease A ge – the older a man gets the greater the

  • Lymph Node Dissection


    …to filter these substances then the lymph fluid will move further along the drainage system. Cancerous cells which break off from an organ which has cancer can also travel in…

  • Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy (non localised penile cancer)


    …of administering certain drugs over a period of days which is then repeated over a period of weeks or months. Like all medical treatments chemotherapy can have side effects. These…